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NetCoupler (development version)

NetCoupler 0.1.0

CRAN release: 2022-04-08

  • General preparation for submitting package to CRAN.

New features

  • Added to nc_estimate_* function output the full model list as an attribute, that is really only necessary for those interested in the underlying models used for classifying the effects
  • Added a continuous outcome variable to simulated data that also links in with the DAG so that the linkage is more obvious (#97)
  • Added function to create an edge table (#117)
  • Incorporate tidyselect helpers into functions for selection of variables (#62)
  • Added Getting Started vignette and an article on examples of using different models (#70)
  • Added argument to nc_estimate_*_links() functions to set thresholds for classifying links (#157)
  • Added weights to be included to as_edge_tbl() (#142)

Removed features

  • Removed nc_classify_effects() and nc_filter_estimates(), merged them into the two main estimation functions instead
  • Model summary statistics for lm and glm models were removed for improving computing speed (they slowed things down quite a bit)

Internal changes

  • Output all models used for classification as an attribute for the nc_estimate_* functions output
  • Use lavaan instead of dagitty to generate the simulated data
  • Use standard GitHub Actions and remove AppVeyor
  • Refactored some code within estimation method so it runs faster
  • Tidied up the unit tests to run faster
  • Removed duplicate or extra roxygen examples and instead referenced a common source with @seealso
  • Removed survival dependency
  • Switch to using main instead of master branch

NetCoupler 0.0.4

Added features

  • For lm and glm models, model summary statistics are added (#88).
  • Add a function to classify the direct effects between outcome or exposure and the network (#98).
  • Add function to plot network graph: nc_plot_network() (#89, #110).
  • Added helper functions nc_adjacency_graph(), nc_adjacency_matrix(), and nc_partial_corr_matrix() to help create the weights for the network plot. (Issue #80, PR #89).
  • Removed soft deprecated functions. Using MuMIn over glmulti doesn’t change the results too much, see #60 for details (#83).
  • Removed stringr dependency (#65, #83).

Fixed bugs and other problems

  • Fix bug where too many digits caused a problem for pcor() (#125, #131).
  • Fix bug that didn’t properly filter variables nor identify neighbour nodes in nc_filter_estimates() (#109).
  • Fix problem with nc_standardize() that prevented the ability to use the .regressed_on. argument to extract residuals (#108).
  • Input dataset can include missingness. Input data is treated as complete case for only the variables used in the modelling (#88).

Internal changes

  • Rewrote underlying model estimation algorithm so it doesn’t use MuMIn and so there is one unified function for both outcome and exposure side estimation (#101)


  • Add nc_standardize() function to standardize the metabolic variables (#73).
  • Export tidyselect functions like matches() or starts_with() (#73).
  • Add CONTRIBUTING guidelines (#56).
  • Add lifecycle badges to functions, soft deprecating net_coupler_out(), getExp.coef.permetabolite(), and getExp.coef.out() (#59)
  • Add defensive checks to input arguments with assertive.types (#59).
  • Add AppVeyor to repo. Started Travis to run on repo (#61).
  • Added function for exposure side estimation: nc_exposure_estimates()


  • Major revision of underlying code for generating the outcome-network link estimation (#55), resulting in created and streamlined nc_outcome_estimates() function. Because of this streamlining, the code is much faster and with the move to use MuMIn we can remove our dependency on rJava via glmulti.
  • Tidied up nc_create_network() function so that only the graph skeleton is output (#55).
  • Started cleaning up, along with leftover files.
  • Updated and generated documentation of nc_create_network().
  • Added unit tests for nc_create_network() and the outcome estimation functions. Travis and code coverage were added as well.
  • Renamed nc_make_network() to nc_create_network() and moved into own file.
  • Modularized nc_make_network() code and moved into another file.


  • Added a file to track changes to the package.
  • Added package infrastructure
  • Added initial code that other projects use
  • Added basic introduction vignette