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The main NetCoupler network creator. Uses the input data to estimate the underlying undirected graph. The default uses the PC algorithm, implemented within NetCoupler with pc_estimate_undirected_graph() Defaults to using the PC algorithm to calculate possible edges. Any missing values in the input data are removed by this function, since some computations can't handle missingness.


nc_estimate_network(data, cols = everything(), alpha = 0.01)



Data that would form the underlying network.


<tidy-select> Variables to include by using dplyr::select() style selection.


The alpha level to use to test whether an edge exists or not. Default is 0.01.


Outputs a tidygraph::tbl_graph() with the start and end nodes, as well as the edge weights.

See also

See nc_estimate_links for examples on using NetCoupler and pc_estimate_undirected_graph for more details on the PC-algorithm network estimation method.